Places of interest

Texel has  a lot of differtent sightseeings. Underneath a selection:

Ecomare Ecomare
Ecomare is the center for wadden and North Sea on Texel. You can learn about everything related to nature on Texel, the wadden region and the North Sea, as well as the influence of man in these regions. The visitor centre of the National Park ‘Dunes of Texel’ is also based in Ecomare. A visit to Texel is incomplete without seeing the seals. This is possible up-close at Ecomare.
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Robbentocht Ferry De Vriendschap
With this ship you have the possibility to visit the seals in the wild. When it is low-tide this ship is able to sail in between the sandbanks and approaches the seals very nearby. This trip takes about 1,5 hours.It is also possible to make a daytrip to the next island Vlieland with this ship.
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Kaap_Skil Museum Kaap Skil
Beachcombers are natural story tellers. They relish in telling the tales of their finds and adventures. There is plenty to see and do at the museum in Oudeschild. You can
explore traditional fishermen’s houses and old ‘seadogs’ give frequent rope making and fish smoking demonstrations. You can also see the largest maritime maquette in the world. The maquette shows the Rede van Texel in the seventeenth century, complete with the many sailing boats which were anchored here waiting  for favourable winds to set sail on their long journeys to foreign shores. All details have been stunningly recreated. The glorious VOC trading company and sea heroes such as Michiel de Ruyter were once frequent faces in Oudeschild.
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Brouwerij2 Texel Brewery
Situated in the neighbourhood of  Oudeschild you can visit Texels own brewery. An educational tour of the brewery gives an impression of how Texel beer is brewed. Don’t forget to taste these Texel beers in the tasting room of the brewery. Do you like the taste? Lots of cafes and restaurants serve these beers.
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Luchtvaartmuseum Aviation and Wartime museum
This museum located next to the airport shows the long flight history of the island through the air.  You can see the history of the war memories of Texel.
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Wezenspyk Cheesefarm Wezenspyk
This farm in the neighbourhood of Den Hoorn produces the real Texel diary- and sheep cheese. The cheeses are directly produced from fresh cow- or sheep milk. The farm offers guided tours and a shop which gives you the opportunity to buy their products.
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Novalishoeve Novalishoeve
Novalishoeve is a farm close to den Hoorn that provides care to people with disabilities. It is a landscape and horticulture business founded on biodynamic principles, but also dairy and beef cattle on approximately 40 hectares of land. The milk is processed on the premises, and made into cheese, soft curd cheese, yoghurt, cakes and milk. All these dairy products, the organic meat produced by the farm and other regional products from Texel are available from our shop. The farm has a pretty terrace next to
the farm shop, and guests are invited to view and sample “forgotten” veggies, flowers and fruit. Novalishoeve regularly hosts various activities such as art-related events and demonstrations of sheep- and lamb shearing.
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Museum_De_Waal Cultural-historical Museum
This museum is located in de Waal, Texels smallest village. The Cultural historical museum, located in a traditional farmhouse, initial emphasis is on preserving the history of rural life on the island. The museum expanded over the years and  the museum’s exhibition space, warehouse and workshop grew with it.
Today the museum occupies over an 1,500 sqm area,  the collection exhibited a multiple of originals. Currently, the museum presents a varied picture of the life of the
habitants of Texel in the past.
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zelfpluktuin Pick-your-Own Garden
The “Pick-your-Own” garden is situated near the village of Oudeschild. It has a large selection of fruit for picking, including blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries, red currents, tayberries, white currents and black currents. They have a large range of annual flowers for picking too. All sorts of harvest from the garden and products made from the produce are available in the farm shop, such as home-made jam, lemonade and liquors, strawberries, red currents, blueberries and and products made from that produce are available from the farm shop, such as home-made jam, lemonade and liquors, strawberries, red currents, blueberries and tomatoes.
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Vuurtoren Lighthouse
The bold red lighthouse on the northern tip of the island is for many people the symbol of Texel. The lighthouse is almost year-round daily open  to visitors. After taking the staircase of 153 steps  a magnificent view waits you ; over the North Sea, Wadden Sea  and  the nearby Island of Vlieland.
After years of campaigning  conducted by the Texel solicitor Kikkert, Texel got a lighthouse in 1864. Before the establishment of the lighthouse every year many ships  perished, because the surrounding waters were so
dangerous for shipping. An important part of the Georgian rebellion has taken part round the lighthouse during the Second World War.
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