Winkelen_3Den Burg is the ‘capital’ of the island with various unique shops. There’s a market every monday morning in the centre of Den Burg. You could enjoy a nice shopping tour. Lovely old fashioned grocer or a modern department store. There’s something for everyone!

Resort De Koog is ideally situated for many holiday makers. You could shop, buy a souvenir or just enjoy a drink on one of the many terraces.

In Den Hoorn, Oudeschild, Oosterend and De Cocksdorp are somewhat smaller in size but nonetheless perfect for the daily shopping or you may even find an authentic toyshop or just the souvenir you were looking for.

Sunday shopping
Except during the summer months there are on a regular basis Sunday shopping’s op Texel.

You can do your daily shopping in Den Hoorn, Oudeschild, Oosterend or De Cocksdorp, and perhaps you will discover an authentic toy shop in one of these villages too, or that souvenir you had wanted for ages. Check each village for shopping tips:


Sunday opening
Many shops are open every Sunday in De Koog, while Den Burg has a Sunday opening every now and then.